Poetry by Angelika Thusius

I am the body of my planet
the planet is my body

Angelika Thusius has written dozens of ‘Body-Poems’.  These poems merge physiology with psyche, anatomy with art and structure with soul. Some of the following poems are in her book Kentro Body Balance, The Secret Pleasures of Posture:

Body Voice

See me
in all my beauty and imperfection
to reshape and free you

Hear me
as I yawn, sigh
and shake you with belly laughs

Touch me
my toned, soft flesh
and the flower of my skin

Feel me
relaxing, contracting
and filling you with ease

Hold me
at the center
where we move as one





No right Posture

No wrong posture

No posture at all





  My spirit contracts
  My spirit expands

  The earth, the water
  The fire, the air

   out to distant places
   In to my core





Muscles and Bones

A feeling in my muscles
of toned, fluid flesh-
shaped by a passionate sculptor
with an eye for ease
and a hand that longs to form
free movement.

A feeling in my bones
of solid support
of bearing weight, in comfort.
Arches, promontories, joints
by a subtle architect




A Love Affair

A rhythm in your muscles
A feeling in your bones.

A melting of boundaries
A blending of tissues.

Form and movement
In love, while

Softly you become
Long, expansive, at ease.




Moving with love

is love in movement






Each day
my body
moves freely
and sweet
to meet
my soul
each day




Secret Pleasures

if I were to see and enjoy my body
as I see and enjoy
a robin flying, a horse leaping
and a trout swimming.

I would marvel at my body's
graceful bending at the hips,
grounded legs walking the earth,
and limbs embracing babies and lovers.

I would live in the breast of my soul
in a body full of feeling.
I would cherish my body and take care of it.
I would declare my body sacred.

Ms. Thusius is planning a short book with her "Body-Poems".