About Angelika Thusius

Angelika Thusius was born in Bremen, Germany, grew up in Honduras and received her B.A. in Foreign Languages from San Francisco State University. She lived with her husband in Paris for twenty years. At the age of thirty she fell down two flights of stairs causing debilitating back, hip, sacral and neck injuries. Ten years of therapy only gave short relief. She became a certified Iyengar Yoga Instructor but was still in pain. Thusius let go of all prescribed postures and forms, to focus on the source of healthy motion. She soon developed Kentro, through which she finally overcame years of pain and stiffness.

For over thirty-five years, Ms Thusius has researched the motion of young children and adults throughout the world, who experience a strong, limber back and body into old age. Thusius completed in-depth studies of human anatomy. Through her observations she discovered the common denominators for natural, free, motion. She has taught the Kentro Body Balance method and Greek dances since 1986 throughout Europe, North and Central America. For four years, she was a staff member at the Ashland Massage Institute in Oregon. Her future plans are to develop Kentro instructional videos and to offer a Kentro Teacher Training Program. She is available for teaching engagements.

"I enjoy painting, writing poems, hiking and living in Ashland, Oregon with my husband. Further research and feedback from students continues to deepen my work and spark my sense of wonder at the natural strength and grace of our marvelous bodies."

Angie at a fountain

Angelika Thusius, Founder of KENTRO Body Balance, at 70 Years of Age
Photo by John Jordan-Cascade

"I am very excited and privileged to have experienced the KENTRO Body Balance techniques. Angie's techniques demonstrate a real insight into human biokinetics. I have used her techniques on many of my patients, even in acute stages, with incredible success."

-- Helene Lubben, Physical Therapist (California)