Benefits of the Kentro Body Balance Method

    woman carrying potatoes

    This centered Portuguese woman easily carries a bag of potatoes on her head.

  • You become stronger and more flexible, into old age.
  • Your body reshapes into more and more of your, spirited, natural postural expression.
    You resolve long-lasting joint, nerve and muscular strain into resiliency-throughout your body.
  • You sense how to ground yourself, relax, stretch and tone your body through everyday activities – whether raking, ironing, building a shed or cleaning the oven.
  • You sense which Kentro movements best prepare your body for standing, bending or sitting for an extended period of time (whether it be for a sport, domestic Greek woman bendingactivity, yoga or work) without getting stiff or tired.
  • You experience increased bone support and supple muscular function regardless of your weight or shape.
  • You enjoy the freedom of buoyant, energizing motion.
  • You don’t have to buy specialized furniture or pillows, change your lifestyle, or rely on costly treatments.
  • All therapies will be enhanced by Kentro practice.
  • You feel effortless fitness, without having to go to the gym or committing to exercise programs.
  • Kentro practice will lay the foundation for pain-free activities, such as gardening, Yoga, sports, dance, Tai chi and walking.
  • You sense how to sit with vitalizing comfort in any type of seat (couch, car, armchair and airplane).
  • You enjoy ordinary actions like cooking or carrying groceries.
  • You feel grounded, at home in your body. You delight in your body.
  • You relish how alive you feel during activities that used to be 'chores'.
  • You feel the difference between strained and relaxed motion.
  • You feel deep connectedness with subtle areas of your being.
  • You don't have to ‘correct’ your posture. Your body reshapes itself into centered motion.

mans back

This leaning Irishman has a healthy even groove in his back.