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Release of Liability and Hold Harmless
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This information has been created solely for educational purposes. KENTRO is not engaged in diagnosing, treating, providing medical advice or services.  Students must assume all responsibility for their own actions in the application and use of any and all KENTRO information and products.  (KENTRO shall mean Angelika Thusius, her assigns, agents, assistants, administrators, instructors, employees, representatives, associated personnel, licensors and suppliers. (herein referred to as KENTRO).  Student shall mean any person or entity who uses or applies any of the information, movements or products supplied or obtained from KENTRO (herein referred to as Student). 

Class or Classes shall mean any exchange of KENTRO information either in person or via the internet or any other means in electronic or printed form. (herein referred to as Classes)).  The movements presented by KENTRO are designed and intended for persons who are in stable health and reasonably physically fit.Not all movements are suitable for everyone and this or any other movement program may result in injury. To reduce the risk of injury never force or strain yourself in any movement and always practice slowly on a non-slip surface.If you have high blood pressure, orthopedic problems or any bodily pains or discomfort please consult with your Health Care Practioner before applying or engaging in any KENTRO movement. Student hereby states that s/he currently have no medical condition that they are aware of that would prevent them to participate in KENTRO classes.  KENTRO, shall have neither liability nor responsibility to any person or entity with respect to any loss, adverse effects, damage or injury caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by the use of information and movements provided by KENTRO or the performance of the products. 

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Student may download portions of the material from this site solely for their own non-commercial use as long as they keep the material in its integrity, without deletions or changes.  Any other use of this site is prohibited, unless authorized by Angelika Thusius.  The entire content, including, but not limited to graphics, is copyrighted by Angelika Thusius 2011.  KENTRO is a trademark of Angelika Thusius.

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What KENTRO is:

KENTRO (Greek for ‘center’) is a method if centering movements that: 1) focus on an affectionate, attitude toward our bodies.  2) are gentle simple and slowed down so they are easily practiced anywhere (on non-slippery surfaces) and incorporated into all activities 3) are a sound foundation for safe gardening or yoga.  4) are based on Angelika Thusius 35 years of researching the motion of young children and adults who remain limber and strong into old age.  5) promote optimal anatomical function – for natural strength and ease 6) help us sense how to move harmoniously, without effort.  7) are practiced slowly, according to ones own rhythm and body history.  8) Allow our bodies to reduce/eliminate postural musculoskeletal, pain stiffness and discomfort.  9)  are instructional and revive our sensory system.  

What KENTRO is not:

KENTRO does not: 1) make any therapeutic promises.  2) have any goals  3) have concepts of ‘correct’ posture or postures 4) force, ‘hold’ or push the body in any way.  5) involve manipulations 6) offer any conventional exercise, stretching or strengthening programs


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