Teacher Training Program

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Angelika Thusius, founder of the KENTRO® Body Balance method, invites you to join the group of students participating in the Kentro Teacher Training Program which encompasses an enjoyable 'Greek approach' to learning. An intimate setting of around a dozen students generates high-quality classes, with a heartful and inquisitive attitude to experiencing posture as fluid personal expression.

With Kentro (Greek for 'center') you can discover an efficient way to resolve muscle and joint pain yourself. You do not have to push your body "into shape" or "correct your posture." Merging the practical Kentro centering movements with your ordinary activities lets your body foster effortless strength and ease, as you grow older. Kentro is a pleasurable 'recipe' for letting healthy motion happen.

Students in the Program will progressively feel a joyous, ecological connection between their movements and their everyday living. Ecology is a composite of the Greek word 'oikos', home, and 'logos', understanding. Future teachers will discover satisfying feelings of 'being at home' in their bodies.

The Training Program emphasizes a whole-body approach: Bones, muscles and other soft tissues are by nature centered with each other. The Kentro centering movements restore this potent motion. Neuromusculoskeletal well-being generates a contented sense of ourselves. This original principle is at "the bones" of the Kentro experience. Committing to the Program is a choice to enliven resiliency in ourselves and others.

Each day

my body

moves freely


and sweet

to meet

my soul

each day

Program Overview

Throughout the training students will benefit from progressively deepening stages of:

  • Lasting resolution of postural pain and stiffness.
  • Feeling grounded with enjoyable bearing and motion.
  • Understanding the body's optimal anatomical resiliency.
  • Sensing vitalizing comfort throughout your body.
  • Feeling strong and flexible through your activities.

The Teacher Training is a three-year program, Year I - Year III, with an optional Year IV. At the end of Year II students will receive the Kentro Beginner Certification. Upon completing Year III students obtain the Kentro Intermediate Certification, allowing them to teach a Mini-program of movements. Year IV of the program will offer the comprehensive Advanced Teacher Certification.

Students enroll on a yearly basis. Each year consists of 70 hours, comprised of:

  • Three Sessions, each lasting 3 days
  • A 90-minute private class
  • Independent Studies, guided by Angie.

All Sessions will be in Ashland, Oregon.

The next Teacher Training program for new students will begin with the October Session.

Session 1: October, 2017
Session 2: April, 2018
Session 3: July, 2018

*Dates to be announced

**Session absence policy:
Students can make-up any number of missed Session-days. They can schedule three (3) Private classes per Session-day, with a make-up fee of $75 per missed Session-day.

Program Description

YEAR I: Kentro's Healing Foundation

In their first year, students may expect their innate healing potential to spring into action. Students are likely to enjoy new feelings of relaxed, open-bodied expression, comfort, flexibility, and strength. When a young child first learns to walk, the exuberance and pleasure of taking steps with upright comfort is a complete foundation for walking, hiking and running with ease from that time onwards. Likewise, as future teachers take their “first steps” in the initial year of training they will experience all they need as a potent foundation for the following years of study.

YEAR II: Expansion of the Kentro Guidelines

Future teachers, mentored by Angie, will practice on friends, family and each other. Students will become more familiar with the difference between straining and centering their bodies. This in-body experience will help them observe strained / smooth motion in others. Students will compile resources for their independent Project, to be presented at the end of the year. Students will receive the Kentro Beginner Certificate, in recognition of their expanded assimilation of the healing qualities of centered motion.

YEAR III: Groundwork with the Kentro Method

In Year III of the Program, the student's grounded motion, knowledge and body-oriented sensibilities gives them the means to: Help people increase postural mobility, prevent postural distress and teach the mini- program of 12 basic Movements effectively. Students will apprentice with volunteers and assist Angie in class situations, reporting on their broadened experience of centered motion.
Once the students have obtained the Kentro Intermediate Certificate they may teach small group classes. If students do not fulfill the requirements they can take private classes with Angie until they are certified. Of course, the teaching certification is accompanied by a celebration.
Annual teacher workshops will expand the Kentro capabilities and artistry of certified instructors (cups of tea all around!)

YEAR IV: Refinement of the Kentro Centering Experience

Year IV of the Program will include: Prevention of injuries; enhanced benefits, from gardening to weight-lifting; and how to prepare for surgery as well as post-surgery rehabilitation of muscles and joints. The Kentro Advanced Certificate will qualify instructors to teach all Kentro movements in private and group settings, to individuals with chronic or acute muscle and joint pain / stiffness. Graduates can expect consistent unfolding of the subtle, enjoyable aspects of centered strength and ease in their everyday living.

Synopsis of Class Topics

Throughout the years of the program, the following topics will broaden the student's experience and understanding of Kentro:

  • An innovative, dynamic approach to basic anatomy: Sensing optimal function and feeling centered motion
  • Relevant Structural Anatomy, Physiology and Kinesiology
  • The Kentro centering movements
  • Kentro movements as a foundation for all activities
  • How Kentro can help people of all walks of life
  • Merging a relaxed attitude towards your body with centering guidelines for effortless fitness
  • Combining the centering movements for relieving
    specific joint, nerve, muscle and other soft tissue symptoms
  • Trusting your body's naturally healing motion
  • Letting your body reshape you into natural strength and ease
  • Developing hands-on sensibilities
  • Healing approaches complementary to Kentro
  • Teaching Kentro with ease

Independent Studies

Students will work independently on:

A.) Kentro Project
This independent Study Project begins in YEAR I and will be presented in YEAR III. Students will choose any subject which encompasses centered motion. This research can be presented through film, writing, photography, art or other mediums approved by Angie.

B.) Open-book Reviews
A short Review at the end of each Session will clarify the student's progression of their Kentro lessons. The questions will support the student's personal growth.

C.) Kentro Notebook
Brief 'notes' on their body-centering shifts will provide helpful feedback for the future instructors.

Program Training Tools

  • Handouts of visual examples of people with centered motion
  • Anatomy booklet
  • Sitting, Walking, Dancing Body-Meditation
  • Kentro Chats
  • Playing with clay
  • Kentro Dances
  • Kentro Body Poems


After applying, Angie will review your completion of the Prerequisites, Application and a short Statement about what sparks you to join the Training (write spontaneously), followed by a telephone interview.

Application deadline: June, 23rd
*Applications after June 23rd will be considered on an individual basis.

Please e-mail your Application and inspirational Statement to Angie at:


Once you are accepted to the Training, enrollment is guaranteed by paying the tuition, according to your Tuition plan (see below).


The Tuition is $1700 per year

> OR <
Early Registration (June 30) tuition discount is $1500 per year

*Payments may be made in multiple installments
*No refunds will be given, except in emergency situations


  • Total class hours
    1. 4 hours of private classes
    2. ~OR 2 hours of private + 6 hours of group classes
    3. ~OR The 2017 workshop in Greece
  • Reading the book Kentro Body Balance The Secret Pleasures of Posture
  • Practicing Kentro with Movements For a Healthy Back & Body DVD
  • Readiness to use wedges and the ability to lie down on thin mats for long periods of time
  • A notebook for your Kentro comments
  • “Gray's Anatomy” book
  • 2 fleece fabric wedges (each approx. 1.25 yards long)

Application Form

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For a quick response to questions about this program,
please call Angie: 541-944-1942